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SD Cards Guide

  • What are SD cards
  • Guide about SD cards
  • Other resources related to photography

When you talk about SD cards, what quickly comes to mind are digital cameras. Yes, but to be exact, SD cards  are very small memory cards used in handy devices like as stated above, digital cameras,  audio players, or any handheld device that requires storage. Think of it as a very small hard disk, only with no moving parts unlike the latter. Once it is plugged in and the device is switched on, it automatically gets to work. The device will scan it for its content and display if you want it too.


So, which SD cards are best? Well, Camerdojo conducted a test to find out which SD cards are performing well. Let’s take a look. For uniformity’s sake, all SD cards used are 16GB.

  1. Eye-Fi Pro X2 16gb Class 10
  2. MicroCenter 16gb Class 10
  3. Kingston 16gb SDHC Class 10
  4. Sandisk 16gb Extreme SDHC Class 10

In the test, the SD card that fared best was the Kingston 16GB SDHC card. It had a very good read speed of 20.3 Mb/s and write speed of 15.3 Mb/s. The second best card was the Sandisk 16GB Extreme SDHC which fared a little lower than the Kingston with a read speed of 19.3 Mb/s and a write speed of 12.9 Mb/s. This test was conducted using the Black Magic Speed Test on a Macbook Pro. So in conclusion, in order to find the best SD cards in the market, you have to consider the read and write speed of the SD. That is how they measure the best SD cards released in the market today.

It pays to have this guide, though, before buying one yourself, and becoming an informed buyer. It is just like buying supplements at iherb.com, where you get to have these iherb codes before purchasing their products. What a privilege, really, to be informed so that you won’t buy the wrong product in the process.

If you are looking for other photography related resources or articles like this, you can visit Cameradojo. Their website is full of articles that talk about photography and anything related to it. Trust me, you will find that site very useful.

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Sleeklens and Enhancing these Wedding Photos

  • Presets to download for your wedding photos
  • Choosing Sleeklens when it comes to editing and enhancing these wedding photos
  • A online site that offers the best deals when it comes to photo editing

Wedding photos are a part of that big wedding celebration. And since you are always meticulous about producing quality wedding photos, you make sure that you use Sleeklens products.


Sleeklens is using presets for your wedding photos, with Sleeklens wedding Lightroom preset in particular.

Your post wedding photo production is as important as the wedding itself. These photos preserve the moments that make your wedding celebration memorable. And it is the preset that many lovebirds are using because it brings out the beauty of this once in a lifetime event.

Sleeklens offers only the best as far as photo editing goes. With more than 100 wedding presets to choose from, it is no wonder that a lot of photographers have already created special and beautiful effects on these photos with great ease. Thanks in part to this Sleeklens wedding Lightroom preset, editing wedding pictures is as easy as taking that shot.

Perhaps it would be best if you can read some reviews as well, so that you will be able to improve further your wedding photos with the appropriate effects. You will also know the latest in the market; the gadgets that you need to buy so you can capture your wedding photos with sophistication and edge.

Wedding are special moments. They come in once in your life, that is, if you’re lucky enough to have the love of your life. So it is best that you need to consider this Sleeklens wedding Lightroom preset.

Wedding photos are quite in demand in the market, and that includes online. So why not give your bride-to-be friends some photography presents that enable them to improve their wedding images through these presets? Check out these reviews on the web and grab your favorite wedding preset today. It pays to read these reviews for your wedding photos.

For more of this Sleeklens wedding Lightroom preset, though, just click this link, https://sleeklens.com/, and start producing these beautiful wedding photos afterwards.

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On Making a Simple Resume for Word

  • Making a simple resume with the use of Word document
  • A clean, uncluttered resume for easy reading
  • Tips on how to make a resume that spells immediate hiring or employment

You don’t have to complicate your resume by incorporating a lot of designs to it. Most first time job seekers commit this terrible mistake. They thought that by presenting a rather artsy resume would automatically get them hired. That’s not the case most of the time.


Not with (Microsoft) Word documents, by the way. Resumes in Word can be delimiting, that is, as far as design is concerned. But it is a perfect platform for that straightforward resume that converts all the time. A simple resume for Word literally lands you that job in most cases.

“Keep it short and simple”, we’ve often heard that line before, and that can be said about making resumes. A simple resume for Word allows you to present your skills, talents and what have you, so you can make that impression to your potential employer. You need not worry anymore about adding ornaments to it, being straightforward with the right use of terms, will definitely go far as far as employment goes.

Now, there are resume templates that you can use online. Find that template for that simple resume for Word today, and start pounding on those keyboard keys for that clean and simple curriculum vitae.

Remember, your resume is your initial entry into that desired job you’ve always wanted, so it is important that you present yourself with the appropriate form that a simple resume for Word can give.

You would soon notice that your future boss will smile back at you, because he doesn’t have a hard time scanning on your resume. It’s clean and presentable, something that a simple resume for Word have.

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GoPro Hero4 Black In Depth Review


  • GoPro company history
  • Features of the Hero4 Black
  • More reviews about other action cameras

Founded by Nick Woodman, GoPro has gone a long way in manufacturing action cameras. In fact, it has redefined it in more ways than one that is now recognized as the world’s leading action camera manufacturer. GoPro is now synonymous with the gadget itself. Since their days of merely making action cameras, they have gone public and became an IPO last 2014, which has increased their worth to a whopping $2.95 million. Today, they still continue to dominate the market and are still producing quality actions cameras. One of those action cameras is the Hero4 Black which we will be talking about below.

The GoPro Hero4 Black is widely considered the best action camera available in the market today. It is by far the most complete camera in terms of performance and quality. More info on it can be found on Sleeklens.com. With regards to video quality, due to their proprietary codec which allows for easier and faster video editing on 3D and HD videos, the Hero4 Black can capture up to 4K video resolution at 60 fps which works wonderfully if you plan to do slowmo videos as it captures a lot of frames per second. If you see action videos with superb slowmo captures, it is probably done with a Hero4 Black. The good thing about this camera is it also captures superb still images at 12 MP with a 4000×3000 resolution. Amazing right? The Hero4 Black also has a wider field of view due to the lens it is using which is very useful.

As with other GoPro cameras, the Hero4 Black also has excellent audio quality and has different mounting options through the accessories that you can purchase separately. The only downside to this camera is the price. It is expensive, but in my opinion, and so do a lot of other people, this camera is the best camera available today. More info on it can be found here. So, if you are debating whether to get one or not, then don’t! Save up and buy one immediately. It is well worth the money you spend on it.

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Why Should You Get a Wedding Photographer

  • “Wedding photography is the photography of activities relating to weddings.”
  • It’s not a surprise that every couple in this world would want to have a unique wedding celebration.
  • How do you know if you’re hiring the right wedding photographer?

First of all, before we talk about the main topic, we will give you a brief introduction about wedding photography. As defined by WikiPedia, “Wedding photography is the photography of activities relating to weddings. It encompasses photographs of the couple before marriage (for announcements, portrait displays, or thank you cards) as well as coverage of the wedding and reception (sometimes referred to as the wedding breakfast in non-US countries).”


In today’s modern time, it’s not a surprise that every couple in this world would want to have a perfect and unique wedding celebration. Of course, marriage should be solemn and must be celebrated with the people special to you, but with today’s modern technology, most couples want to incorporate a little excitement and entertainment. But aside from having a unique wedding celebration, wedding photography is also about capturing the best and unforgettable scenes like the couple’s first kiss, dance and etc.

So, the question here is, how do you know if you’re hiring the right wedding photographer? Basically, there are hundreds and even thousands of great wedding photographers scattered around the world right now, and it’s definitely hard to choose which one can provide the best service.

However, as a couple, you have that “gut feels” when choosing for the right guy/girl photographer, it can either be your photographer friend from college or a mutual friend. Always remember that you don’t have to stress yourself out of it. Choose the one that can give you the most unique love storyline, the one that prefers using Lightroom wedding presets to make the images more lively and beautiful and lastly, choose a photographer that can communicate well with you.

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Interesting Features from Lightroom 5 Presets

  • Cool features out of using Lightroom 5 presets
  • Photo editing solutions that create artistic effects with your photos
  • Over 100 presets to use online via Lightroom

Lightroom 5 has the best presets in online. Your photos will have the best possible enhancements via Lightroom 5. One look at its collection will tell you that it improves your photos in ways you can never imagine.

Let us take a cursory look, though, at some of these presets and marvel at the enhancements it can do to your photos. There are over 100 presets you can use with Lightroom, but we will try to highlight some of its cool presets in here.


  • Film Lightroom Presets – The idea of creating photos as if coming out of your favorite movie is one of the features of Lightroom 5 that continues to generate a lot of following. Mind you, you can become a cinematographer with Lightroom 5.
  • Free HDR Presets – Give your photos a chance to be presented in a clean, clear and crisp way through these free HDR presets. Lightroom is so unique in that you can have pictures that even the texture of one’s skin you can almost feel.
  • Vintage Mono Presets – Imagine your photos with only one color, but with stunning effects, then this is the preset for you. You can use either black and white or sepia to it, depending on the effect you want.
  • Elegant Fade – That fading effect; that worn out feeling, which invokes a lot of emotion to the viewers has enabled Lightroom 5 to have its collection of elegant fade presets just for that effect.
  • Autumn Landscape Preset – Many people love autumn because that’s poetry with those falling leaves, and what a way to enrich that feeling by using these Autumn Landscape Preset on your photos.

There’s so many presets you can choose from with Lightroom 5, and these five features are just a sampling of it. Imagine what it would be like if you can experiment with those other presets and incorporate it on your photos. You’re not only posting quality, stunning photos online, your viewers will also consider you as an artist or a designer in your own right.

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The Magic of Vintage Actions via Photoshop

  • Incorporating “actions” to your photos via Photoshop
  • Recreating classic photos of old through Photoshop actions
  • Free Photoshop actions to choose online for your photos

With the rise of these photo-enhancing solutions around, you can now practically experiment with a variety of effects out of it. The photography world seemed so wide and promising that there’s no reason for you not to have that effect you wanted because there is a corresponding tool for that. Tools that can enhance your photos with the same quality like that of professionals. Tools such as Photoshop (PS) actions.

Photoshop actions enhance your photos apart from the usual flair of improving photo images. It introduces the concept of “action” as a necessary element for the enhancement of your photo. And one of the many effects this app is using over the years is its PS vintage action.


PS vintage actions perform retro style effects to your photos. It transforms your photos into images that has that historical feel and perspective, the kind of photos that old folks love to reminisce. These photos also heightens the sensibilities of your photo images as if they have been given a new life.

That is the magic of these PS vintage actions can do to your precious pictures. Presenting them like old photos isn’t so bad an effect or style if you are using the right tools. And Photoshop can certainly provide you with a workflow for you to churn out that nostalgic twist on your photo.

This works well if you’re anachronistic, too, because you can recreate those classic photo shots that are now legendary. Those classic photos with Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or even Marlon Brando can now be recreated using the tools these PS vintage actions has.

So try to experiment at times. Try to get out of the box as far as enhancing your photos go. Don’t be afraid to present your pictures with that old feel. Who knows, that might be the effect that is perfect for your photo image.

Scour the web right now and use these PS vintage actions for your photos, make an album of them, so you can exhibit it to your friends online, and, quite possible, display it in a real photo exhibit soon.

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Three Local Adjustment Tools in Lightroom

123As a hobbyist photographer, I am aware about the significance of using post processing tools for my images. The thing here is that whenever you get nice pictures around, no matter how good or bad the subject is, it would be best to modify it using Lightroom’s local adjustment tools to make it livelier and presentable.

Why do you need to modify images?

Essentially, you won’t be able to appreciate the entire details of an image if it weren’t processed or modified. Local adjustment tools in Lightroom play a vital role in every image imported in the interface. Edited and well-enhanced images get more views and appreciation than those raw and hazy images.

If you have been reading series of Adobe Lightroom guides, tips and tutorials, you are aware about the basic techniques used, and how local adjustment tools affect the outcome of an image. Normally, the basic editing tools in Lightroom can be found in the Develop Module. From there, you can start creating your own set of best Lightroom presets and modify images.

Adobe Lightroom contains three powerful local adjustment tools to make your images perfect. These are Advanced adjustment brush, Graduated and Radial Filter.

Advanced Adjustment Brush Tool

This tool is for creating a unique mask. Also, it can cover up stains, blemishes and unwanted spots inside the image.

Graduated Filter Tool

Another useful tool, the graduated filter is named after a filter used by well-known photographers. For some, this tool is only useful when dealing with skies and its background.

Radial Filter Tool

Adobe included this tool in Lightroom 5 version since they want to help users create a fine oval or circle mask shapes. Moreover, this tool has been improved in the latest version of Lightroom; LR 6 and LR CC.

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Lightroom 6: The most awaited Adobe upgrade

Two years after the release of Adobe Lightroom 5 version, Adobe has finally decided to make a huge upgrade to its powerful post-processing tool. Basically, as with the older versions, Lightroom 6 is available under a licensed version with a standalone price ranging from $100-$149. But, with Lightroom’s creative cloud service, users can subscribe to a plan for as low as $9.99 a month with superb inclusions of Photoshop, Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC.


Is Lightroom 6 worth the money?

As an avid Lightroom user, I can say that Lightroom 6 is definitely worth it. However, it depends on your standards and ambitions. Some people think that Lightroom 5 is more useful than the latest version while others are satisfied with performance and services of Lightroom 6. So, if you’re happy with Lightroom 5, you can keep it and use it as long as you want, but if you decide to upgrade to Lightroom 6 or if you want to know what are Lightroom presets can offer, you’ll be able to use the new editing options such as Panorama and HDR merge, advanced tools and more.

Lightroom 6 Review

At first look, you will not notice the changes made. But when you start exploring the program, you’ll see that Lightroom 6 is such a huge tool with exciting photo editing features. One of the key features of LR 6 is the HDR merge wherein you can combine two HDR images into one. However, the trick here is how you do it without destroying the qualities of the two images.

Other features include advanced brush, gradient and radial tools, improved slideshow and print module, enhanced Lightroom mobile and web application and more.

Gratefully, as we go through our thorough product review, the results were consistent and impressive. Lightroom 6 is really one of the best upgrades Adobe has ever made. In case you missed some tips and tutorials, or what are Lightroom presets is all about, take the time to read more on our blog post about Lightroom here.


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Putting Actions into Your Images

Photos are not to be taken lightly these days. They can now compete with the latest video technology out there because they can be presented in a way that resembles like that of a video. Thanks mainly to Photoshop elements; you can now get that interactive feel on your photos.

pic111And speaking of interactive, you can further enhance the development of your photo through these free Photoshop elements actions available online. As the term suggests, it brings in that added “action” to your photo, making it more involved than an ordinary, static picture can give.

There are other photo apps you can get on the web, but these free Photoshop elements actions offer more. You can download an “action” if you want as a start and install it into your Photoshop Elements. It saves you time and effort, to say the least, in dealing with photo enhancements.

After installing the app, you can start tinkering on your photos, adjusting the layers of it, and adding a few pieces for that effect you so wanted to share. This is Photoshop’s way of giving your photos a chance to stand out from the rest, especially on social media.

You don’t have to concern yourself with its tools, however, because it is installed with guidance as its primary take, the reason why its patrons consider Photoshop user-friendly. So get that free Photoshop elements actions now and start enhancing your photo and your image as well.

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