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SD Cards Guide

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When you talk about SD cards, what quickly comes to mind are digital cameras. Yes, but to be exact, SD cards  are very small memory cards used in handy devices like as stated above, digital cameras,  audio players, or any handheld device that requires storage. Think of it as a very small hard disk, only with no moving parts unlike the latter. Once it is plugged in and the device is switched on, it automatically gets to work. The device will scan it for its content and display if you want it too.


So, which SD cards are best? Well, Camerdojo conducted a test to find out which SD cards are performing well. Let’s take a look. For uniformity’s sake, all SD cards used are 16GB.

  1. Eye-Fi Pro X2 16gb Class 10
  2. MicroCenter 16gb Class 10
  3. Kingston 16gb SDHC Class 10
  4. Sandisk 16gb Extreme SDHC Class 10

In the test, the SD card that fared best was the Kingston 16GB SDHC card. It had a very good read speed of 20.3 Mb/s and write speed of 15.3 Mb/s. The second best card was the Sandisk 16GB Extreme SDHC which fared a little lower than the Kingston with a read speed of 19.3 Mb/s and a write speed of 12.9 Mb/s. This test was conducted using the Black Magic Speed Test on a Macbook Pro. So in conclusion, in order to find the best SD cards in the market, you have to consider the read and write speed of the SD. That is how they measure the best SD cards released in the market today.

It pays to have this guide, though, before buying one yourself, and becoming an informed buyer. It is just like buying supplements at iherb.com, where you get to have these iherb codes before purchasing their products. What a privilege, really, to be informed so that you won’t buy the wrong product in the process.

If you are looking for other photography related resources or articles like this, you can visit Cameradojo. Their website is full of articles that talk about photography and anything related to it. Trust me, you will find that site very useful.

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