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Interesting Features from Lightroom 5 Presets

  • Cool features out of using Lightroom 5 presets
  • Photo editing solutions that create artistic effects with your photos
  • Over 100 presets to use online via Lightroom

Lightroom 5 has the best presets in online. Your photos will have the best possible enhancements via Lightroom 5. One look at its collection will tell you that it improves your photos in ways you can never imagine.

Let us take a cursory look, though, at some of these presets and marvel at the enhancements it can do to your photos. There are over 100 presets you can use with Lightroom, but we will try to highlight some of its cool presets in here.


  • Film Lightroom Presets – The idea of creating photos as if coming out of your favorite movie is one of the features of Lightroom 5 that continues to generate a lot of following. Mind you, you can become a cinematographer with Lightroom 5.
  • Free HDR Presets – Give your photos a chance to be presented in a clean, clear and crisp way through these free HDR presets. Lightroom is so unique in that you can have pictures that even the texture of one’s skin you can almost feel.
  • Vintage Mono Presets – Imagine your photos with only one color, but with stunning effects, then this is the preset for you. You can use either black and white or sepia to it, depending on the effect you want.
  • Elegant Fade – That fading effect; that worn out feeling, which invokes a lot of emotion to the viewers has enabled Lightroom 5 to have its collection of elegant fade presets just for that effect.
  • Autumn Landscape Preset – Many people love autumn because that’s poetry with those falling leaves, and what a way to enrich that feeling by using these Autumn Landscape Preset on your photos.

There’s so many presets you can choose from with Lightroom 5, and these five features are just a sampling of it. Imagine what it would be like if you can experiment with those other presets and incorporate it on your photos. You’re not only posting quality, stunning photos online, your viewers will also consider you as an artist or a designer in your own right.

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