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Lightroom 6: The most awaited Adobe upgrade

Two years after the release of Adobe Lightroom 5 version, Adobe has finally decided to make a huge upgrade to its powerful post-processing tool. Basically, as with the older versions, Lightroom 6 is available under a licensed version with a standalone price ranging from $100-$149. But, with Lightroom’s creative cloud service, users can subscribe to a plan for as low as $9.99 a month with superb inclusions of Photoshop, Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC.


Is Lightroom 6 worth the money?

As an avid Lightroom user, I can say that Lightroom 6 is definitely worth it. However, it depends on your standards and ambitions. Some people think that Lightroom 5 is more useful than the latest version while others are satisfied with performance and services of Lightroom 6. So, if you’re happy with Lightroom 5, you can keep it and use it as long as you want, but if you decide to upgrade to Lightroom 6 or if you want to know what are Lightroom presets can offer, you’ll be able to use the new editing options such as Panorama and HDR merge, advanced tools and more.

Lightroom 6 Review

At first look, you will not notice the changes made. But when you start exploring the program, you’ll see that Lightroom 6 is such a huge tool with exciting photo editing features. One of the key features of LR 6 is the HDR merge wherein you can combine two HDR images into one. However, the trick here is how you do it without destroying the qualities of the two images.

Other features include advanced brush, gradient and radial tools, improved slideshow and print module, enhanced Lightroom mobile and web application and more.

Gratefully, as we go through our thorough product review, the results were consistent and impressive. Lightroom 6 is really one of the best upgrades Adobe has ever made. In case you missed some tips and tutorials, or what are Lightroom presets is all about, take the time to read more on our blog post about Lightroom here.


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