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camera233Last week, November 17, 2015, Adobe has finally released its 3rd update of Lightroom 6. Photographers were expected to clear all their schedules to make way for the Lightroom update. Basically, Lightroom 6.3 has a lot of new features to look up to.  Adobe decided to enhance the new camera support, bug fixes, lens profiles, tethering support and import dialog. The previous version, Lightroom 6.2 which was released last October 5 of the same year, introduced a newly overhauled import process. However, the said feature didn’t work well to some devices since there are performance and features issues. Most professional photographers didn’t like the whole Lightroom 6.2 version. Fortunately, Adobe was very nice to listen to the feedback and immediately issued an apology to their users.

Personal Review

With the latest Lightroom update, I don’t have any major concerns and issues since everything was perfectly developed and modified. The new camera support is now compatible with all devices and Adobe did a lot of bug fixes. As a Lightroom user, I don’t need these new changes in my images so it won’t bother me if there are existing bugs. All that matters to me now is the speed and performance of the program. It’s faster and more consistent than the previous version.

If you did not update your Lightroom program to 6.2, and if you want to automatically update to Lightroom 6.3, make sure to download a reliable 6.3 version source to avoid any major issues. You can check Infoparrot’s complete list of presets for Lightroom and Lightroom version for more details.

Check out the video below and learn on how to install Sleeklens Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

Once you update your Lightroom program, make sure to check if it works fine by clicking the import button located in the Library module and add photos. By doing this, you’ll know that your Lightroom update process is successful.